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1) Please be nice. If you aren't, there will be consequences.

2) No killing without permission.

 3) Only post on your own Clan's topic. Unless you're my partner on the site, which will only be two or three trusted members.

4) No cussing. You can cat-cuss, but no people-cussing. Some cat-cusses are mouse-brain, crow-food-eater, flea-pelt, and mangy traitor. If you can come up with more, post them.

5) You can kill other cats, but only if they allow you to. This is the only time you can post on someone else's topic.

6) You can kill yourself with a made-up cat, if you want to quit and no one else will kill you.

7) You have to post at least once a month.

8) No personal information, such as name, address or a picture of yourself.

9) You can only have one cat at a time.

10) You must write at least three sentences in each post.

11) You have to post within seven days of joining.


1) You will get three warnings and then you will be banned.

2) You will be banned immediately.

3) Three strikes and you're out.

4) Three strikes and you're out.

5) Immediate ban.

6) If you do this with five cats in a row, you are banned.

7) I will delete your cat, but you can still rejoin. Just go back and fill out the form on Get Started.

 8) Immediate ban.

9) Three strikes and you're out.

10) I'll give you warnings and won't reply until you add to your post.

11) I will delete your cat, but you can still rejoin. Just go back and fill out the form on Get Started.

List of Banned Users:

None yet, everyone is following the rules!

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