If you've been told you're dead, then it's a good thing you're here. When you are dead, you can't be a warrior anymore. So what do you do? Well first, you send your cat to StarClan like this:

Me: You get greencough. You die.

Cloudpaw: Has funeral.

Me: StarClan welcomes you. Your Warrior Life Entry is finished.

If you die before becoming an elder, you've lost the game. You may then go back to the Get Started page and get a new cat. Maybe this is how you die the second time:

Toadtail: Lies down in the elders' den to sleep.

Me: You fall asleep but don't wake up. You die.

Toadtail: Has funeral.

Me: StarClan welcomes you into their territory. You have won!

You would then have the option to enter your win into the Winners' Forum, and quit the game, or you could record your win and enter a new kit into the world. This is what happens when you begin a cat that is not your first:

Unnamed Cat: *Fills out form*

Me: Congratulations! StarClan has given you another chance at living the life of a warrior! Your name is Whitekit, Your family is Stormcloud and Silverfoot and you are white with blue eyes.

Whitekit: Thank you!

Me: You're welcome. Now become a strong warrior!

Now that you know, go get a new cat!



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