Hello Warriors Fans! I'm the owner of this site. You'll be hearing from me a lot as you go about your business on Warrior Life Game. I answer questions, give important information, stuff like that. And just a little heads-up, If you haven't read the rules on the homepage, you might want to do that before you get banned. Just look below, fill out the form and I'll put you on! Also, if you don't have an email, I'm on Chicken Smoothie, Howrse, Here :), and a few other websites I can't remember right now, so give me your username for any of those and I'll send you a message there, or post your character here if you don't have any of those. Now go get 'em! 

Become a Warrior

Yes, I do mean your actual name. Don't worry, It is confidential. And please use your primary email, I will only send important things. No spam from me.

How many characters have you had already?

You may start the game over with a new cat when you die, but only one cat at a time. Go to the Winners page when you die of old age as an elder. Post a message on the Winners' Forum saying you won the game and I will reward you with my praise.


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